Morcar Lodge

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Who are we?

Morcar Lodge was formed on 14th June 1972. It was mainly set up by members of the other Lodges in Alfreton who were mostly employed by the coal board. But of course, over time new members have joined, which means that in fact we have a wide demographic from various religions and beliefs with a large variety of professions from public service like NHS, education, military and police, but also from the private sector from shop owners, business owners, IT consultants to corporate managers. We meet on the second Tuesday of the month, with a practice night the Tuesday before from October through to May.

What we do

Our aim is to give our best and be the best, but after working hard we like to play hard too, after concluding Lodge meetings we enjoy friendship and have as much fun as possible, we always have a room filled with laughter, jokes and light hearted banter, which attracts many regular visitors from other lodges, always remembering that charity is our goal, always ready to help and assist to the best of our ability.

Why join us?

As already mentioned, Morcar Lodge really is a friendly and welcoming Lodge, with members who are not only enthusiastic about maintaining the principles of Freemasonry but ensuring the members get every support from initiation onwards. There’s a really good camaraderie amongst its members who genuinely enjoy being around each other, we have a varied age and experience range, which means as a newcomer, you can be reassured there are those who are still learning, although, the more experienced ones will tell you, they are still learning too. We are particularly passionate about charitable endeavours which is one of the dominant codes of masonic belief as well as previously mentioned, having some fun along the way.

We also have social events through out the year to include family and partners, two particular ones are a white table event held in January after a meeting for partners, friends and family to come and see where you disappear to, also a black-tie dinner in March where family and friends can come and party away whilst raising some money at the same time.

These are they qualities we are looking for, if this is you please, get in touch.

  1. Men of all ages and backgrounds over the age of 18
  2. Must have a belief in a God or Supreme Being, this doesn’t mean you have to be a regular religious visitor, but live to a set of values.
  3. Have interpersonal skills and enjoy socialising.
  4. Able to commit to Tuesday evenings twice a month ( one being practice night) between October and May
  5. Be willing to learn
  6. Have a desire to get involved in the activities of the Lodge with the support of their families
  7. Be of good character without any criminal convictions
  8. Respectful of tradition

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When we meet

2nd Tue Oct to May

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Number Of Meetings:

8 per year

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Where We Meet

Alfreton Freemasons’ Hall

Freemasons' Hall, Derby Road, Alfreton, Derbyshire, DE55 7AQ