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How to Submit A News Article

The Provincial Communications Team are always looking for interesting news stories from within the province of Derbyshire, if you have a news story to share we would be keen to see it.

Before submitting a news story please read through our content guidelines below, these are intended to be used to ensure content which is submitted is of the highest quality and interesting for readers.

1 - Minimum word count of 300 words.

To ensure our news stories are engaging and informative we ask that the minimum word count of any news stories submitted to be used on The Provincial Grand Lodge Of Derbyshire website are around 300 words in length.

2 - Photographs

2.1 - Your own photographs

Photographs which you have taken and you wish to submit should be taken with either a smart phone or digital camera, scanned images are acceptable for historical articles provided you own the rights to distribute these images.

2.2 - Avoiding copyright claims

To avoid potential copyright claims and fines, please only submit photos which you own the rights to or have permission from the copyright holder to publish. Please submit your written consent to use any professional images within the “supportive documents” uploads section of the form below.

2.3 - High resolution images

Please submit high resolution images along with your articles.

2.4 - Jpeg / Jpg format

When submitting photos to make it easier to publish we ask that all photographs are submitted in the Jpeg/Jpg format.

2.5 - Photographs featuring children

If your photographs feature children then written consent is required by their parents / guardians, please provide this in the “supportive documents” uploads section of the form below.

2.6 - Advice from UGLE

For further advice on the use of images please download the UGLE guidance documentation.

3 - Document format

When submitting the wording for your article please ensure that it has been saved as a Microsoft Word file format (.doc / .docx) or equivalent Mac file format (.pages), this will enable the provincial communications team to easily extract the wording of your document and upload it to the website.

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