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Having initiated 6 new candidates in four weeks, Cestrefeld Lodge meeting in Chesterfield are going from strength to strength. In March 2019 the Lodge will celebrate its 100 year anniversary, Tom Tait and George Carruthers of Cestrefeld Lodge tell us more:

The story of Chesterfield has been over 2,000 years in the making. From its roots as a Roman fort close to the very edge of the Roman Empire, its excellent transport links helped it become a prosperous market town in the Middle Ages, serving north eastern Derbyshire and beyond. Chesterfield is steeped in the history of the land, being the site of Roman and Saxon habitation, ancient battles, a Knights Templar way station, historic buildings and churches and is a renowned market once described by Daniel Defoe as

‘‘a handsome, populous town, well built and well inhabited’’, and it remains a sought-after place to reside to this day.

Although being an old town, the history of Freemasonry in Chesterfield did not start until 1762, 45 years after the inception of the First Grand Lodge in England. The Lodge was numbered 106, although history suggests it had a short lifespan, no name is recorded and very little is known about it. Between 1830 and 1856, freemasonry was in abeyance but soon came back with a vengeance with 4 lodges being formed in the space of 62 years.

These were supported by an upsurge in an interest in Freemasonry after both world wars. Cestrefeld Lodge Number 3889, being the new kid on the block was chartered in 1918 by the then Grand Master, His Royal Highness the Duke of Connaught and Strathearn on the 14th October, 1918.

The lodge took its name from the old town name of ‘Castra feld’ meaning the military camp in the field and went from strength to strength, continuing to be one of the most active Lodges in the Province. This has culminated in the installation of its 100th master in November 2017. The Lodge was consecrated on 17th March 1919 and will be celebrating its centenary on 18th March 2019.

As a lodge, it thrives on its reputation of being friendly and socially active, deeply supportive of the three tenets of freemasonry; brotherly love, relief and truth and is known for always extending a warm welcome to any visiting brother or potential candidate.

Although already successful in bringing in new brethren and of late inspired by the Membership Pathway Project, the lodge membership has continued in its effort to invite new candidates of quality to join their ranks. Therefore, accepting their upcoming 100 year celebration and in order to allow any joining members the experience of being part of it, the lodge decided to ask for a dispensation to hold an extraordinary meeting for its current candidates.

Cestrefeld is therefore delighted that it had the great pleasure of initiating 6 new Entered Apprentices in four weeks and further accepted a joining member into its ranks. Initiating 6 candidates in such a short time frame is an extraordinary achievement within the Province, and one they are particularly proud of.

They included: Bro Michael Joel and Bro Mark Heald, proposed by W Bro George Carruthers and seconded by Bro Tom Tait, initiated on the 14th January. Bro Sean Millard and Bro James Anderson again proposed by W Bro George Carruthers and seconded by Bro Tom Tait initiated on the 28th January and finally Bro Ray Dewsbury and Bro Daryl Kempshaw, proposed by W Bro John Galivan and seconded by W Bro George Carruthers. The last two being initiated on the 11th of January. The Joining member was Stephan Couper from Perfect Structure Lodge No. 4579, proposed by Bro Rodger Jones and seconded by Bro Adam Glossop.

In celebration of their centenary a new tradition has been initiated to celebrate these new members. The ‘Apprentice’s Cup’ has been added to the festive board, based in part on the first degree ritual. It was devised to individualise the lodge in its welcome of their initiates, into what they see as the Cestrefeld masonic family. The feedback from other brethren has to date been good and is in itself well worth witnessing. It was written and devised specifically for Cestrefeld Lodge by the current IPM.

To further ensure that fun remains with the lodge, and with the support of both Scottish and English brethren, the Cestrefeld Haggis night has undergone a slight facelift. It is now more representative of a Scottish Harmony in its celebration of the Bard. Songs, humour and good fellowship are in abundance and again well worth attending.

As a lodge, they look forward to continued growth based on ensuring that the masonic experience carries a mixture of sincerity and laughter where appropriate, both of which they believe bonds the brethren together in close fellowship and brotherly love. On this premise, they feel that through this ethos they will continue to remain successful well into the next 100 years.

Cestrefeld Lodge meets on the second Monday of the month at Chesterfield Masonic Hall and a warm welcome awaits any visitor to this vibrant Lodge.

Pictured from left to right are Bro Tom Tait (Lodge Treasurer) W Bro Karl Shaw (Worshipful Master), W Bro George Carruthers (Immediate Past Master & Lodge Secretary)

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